Restaurant Vanille in Eijsden, Netherlands - worst service ever


Lately we have had Dinner at 'Restaurant Vanille' in Eijsden.

The restaurant used to be one of our favourites and we really have been their ambassador for years. Not anymore.

After a clumsy welcome at arrival, we waited over 25 minutes for our order to be taken. Than it took almost 1 hour(!) for our first course to be served.

We advised the waiter that it had been 1,5 hour till our first course.

The waiter of restaurant Vanille agreed service was not up to par and promised to improve and take proper care.

He did not, so after 3 courses, 3 hours had passed.

Again we advised the very long waiting times and our impression that Restaurant Vanille does not seem to care about their guests as the promised improvement did not occur. The waiter advised 'he was not happy" (due to mistakes made in the kitchen).

The owner came to us at the 5th course and demanded that we should have better understanding for their situation (!) as their best waiter left the service team, etc. etc. No understanding for the guests' position whatsoever.

Besides the worst service ever, the owner really did not care to even consider brightening up our experience.

We regret but Restaurant Vanille will be never the same again.

(the owner even tries to block any of our online reference. Seems he has a lot to hide - how low can you go?)

Review about: Poor Service.

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